St. James participates in community outreach programs for visitors 
and youth in Lake City.

​Lake City Student Ministry Council

Due to their small sizes, the five Lake City Churches, (St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, First Baptist Church, Community Presbyterian Church, Grace Fellowship and St. James) recognized that they, individually, were unable to meet the pressing need for local school-age children to have a sustainable program for Christian formation. In the face of this need, the churches responded in a unique way. Starting in about 2007, the churches came together and brought about the formation of the nonprofit Lake City Student Ministry Council, began providing its financial support and staffed it with lay representatives from each congregation. The key feature of the Council is that it hires and supervises a Youth Minister, who leads a wide range of youth-centered Christian offerings, including Bible study, fellowship activities and community-service programs, that are open to all youngsters in Lake City. The Youth Minister works with the churches’ clergy and receives spirtitual support as a fully-participating member of the pastoral community. Involvement in the Student Ministry’s offerings has been very strong in each year of its existence, and the program makes a significant difference in the faith and lives of our children.

Christian Community Service

The five Lake City churches have a cooperative system for meeting pressing human needs in the community. Instead of each member of the clergy having a discretionary fund or similar account, they pool their resources through the Christian Community Service organization and supplement their funds with the offerings that are collected at the annual Independence Day and Easter community worship services. Distribution of funds is supervised by the clergy in conjunction with a committee of lay persons. Many individuals and families, without regard for their faith affiliations, have received vital assistance from CCS for meeting their critical medical, heating, food and other needs in this remote and economically-stressed area.

Community Worship Services

The community Independence Day worship service, organized and conducted by all of Lake City’s churches is held on the Sunday closest to July 4th on the grounds of the Lake City School. A community Easter service and following dinner are also organized and presented by the churches each spring in the Armory.

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